Interesting Facts about John Cabot?


John Cabot was born around 1450 and there are not many facts known about his life. He was an explorer and was born in Italy. An interesting fact is his real name was Giovanni Caboto.
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John Cabot
Born: in 1450 (?)
Birthplace: Genoa, Italy (?)
Died: in 1498
John Cabot was an Italian explorer and navigator who was the first European to encounter the mainland of North America in 1497.
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john is an English explorer, he is famous for exploring the coastline of Canada.
John Cabot was a 15th century Italian navigator who
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I learned quite a lot after looking up his biography on Wikipedia and his website (
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John Cabot was born Giovanni Caboto in Italy around the year 1450. He was an Italian-born English explorer and navigator who spent the better part of his life ...
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