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Some interesting facts about Marco Polo is that his journey served as the inspiration of Christopher Columbus. He recorded his travels in a book that introduced Central Asia to the Europeans.He was also a wealthy merchant from Venice.
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Marco Polo
Born: in 1254 (?)
Birthplace: Venice, Italy
Died: in 1324 (?)
Marco Polo was a Venetian merchant traveler who wrote a chronicle of his journeys called Il Milione, which introduced many Europeans to Central Asia and China.
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Answer -Marco Polo was a merchant who had traveled est to Cathay (China). -His mother died after giving birth to him. -He was 17 when he went on his first travel (china). -Captured
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Marco Polo was a trader and explorer from the Venetian Republic who gained fame for
He created a trade route between the "West" (Europe) and China. He originally got involved because he was interested in making a profit shipping silk and spices from the
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Marco Polo was a merchant traveler that was born in 1254, and passed away on January 9, 1324. Marco Polo was born in Venice, Italy. Some of the interesting facts ...
Fun facts for kids on Marco Polo include that he was Italian. His parents and his uncle were considered wealthy. There is a sheep named after him and is called ...
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