Interesting Facts about Plant Cells?


There are so many interesting facts about plant cells. Not all plants have the same sexual characteristics. There are times that the plants produce male flowers while other times there are female or both sexes.
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Cells are the structural and functional units of all living organisms. Some organisms, such as bacteria, are unicellular, consisting of a single cell. Other organisms, such as humans, are multicellular, or have many cells—an estimated 100,000,000,000,000 cells... More »
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the epidermis is clear, its the choloplast that makes the plants green. they "breathe" in what we breathe out, so theyre an important factor in the environment, in controlling
Plant cells differ from animal cells because they lack centrioles and
Not all flowers have the same sexual characteristics and not all plants are strictly male or female. Sometimes, plants produce only male flowers, but sometimes they produce flowers
A plants root cells help it drink water. Plant cells are eukaryotic cells. Plant cells were the 1st cells scientists discovered. Plant cells recycle very well and hold some very toxic
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The plant kingdom is named Plantae. Some interesting facts about it are plants have chlorophyll which is what makes them green and their cell walls are made of ...
Bacterial cells are more in the body compared to the number of human cells in the body. Cells produce using different methods. Some other interesting facts include ...
Some interesting facts about plants include their ability to thrive in almost any environment, and their adaptability. Interesting to know about individuals plants ...
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