How do you stop your mother and mother-in-law from interfering in your relationship?


While some women remain cool and collected when their children marry, others find that losing their grown-up babies is not as easy as they thought. Those women act out in various ways, which lead their new daughters-in-law and sons-in-law to struggle with their thoughts and emotions. Learning how to deal with a mother-in-law takes a cool head.

Becky Sweat recommends that the wronged party prepare for a visit with a mother-in-law. He should consider the comments that hurt his feelings, and he can look for ways to stay calm and keep a level head. As those issues also cause problems between married couples, Kathy Beirne suggests that couples talk things over together. One party can talk about how he feels when the mother-in-law makes rude comments or overstays her welcome, and the other party can offer some simple solutions. Beirne points out that when couples marry, those spouses must put each other and the needs of the spouse above everything and everyone else. After coming up with a few potential solutions to the problems, the couple can talk to the mother-in-law. They must make it clear that while they love her, there are certain things they are no longer willing to put up with in their own homes.

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