Internal and External Conflict Frankenstein?


In the story Frankenstein, there is clear evidence of internal and external conflicts that are presented. The internal conflict in the story of Frankenstein is the depression the doctor goes through when he must deal with the destruction has caused by creating the monster. The external conflict present in the story of Frankenstein is the love the monster seeks from the doctor and cannot receive because of the pain he has caused the doctor.
Q&A Related to "Internal and External Conflict Frankenstein?"
the internal conflict is that Frankenstein really has to take a crap!
1. When teaching the difference between internal and external conflict, one of the easiest ways to make your point is to make the content relatable to your audience. By giving examples
Internal conflict is the dilemma facing the character inside and its
A struggle between a character caused by an outside force is external conflict. Internal takes place in a characters mind, within himself. Ask us anything!!
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