What Is Internal Stimuli?


Internal stimuli is anything that stimulates you from the inside. Hormones, internal injury, disease or parasites. Contrast with external stimuli anything that affects you from the outside like touch or heat.
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Stimuli itself is of two types - external stimuli and internal stimuli. External stimuli refers to touch, pressure, heat etc. Internal stimuli refers to the stimuli produced by body
A shark's internal stimuli is triggered by the animal's great sense of smell,
Examples of stimuli which plants perceive and can react to include chemicals, gravity, light, moisture, infections, temperature, oxygen and carbon dioxide concentrations, parasite
External Stimuli - sensing danger from a predator Internal Stimuli - sensation of hunger Ref: http://users.rcn.com/jkimball.ma.ultranet/BiologyPages/I/InnateBehavior.html You could
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Examples of stimuli are; light, sound, temperature, smells, pains or irritations etc. Stimuli are the detectable changes in the internal or external environment. ...
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