What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Business Ethics?


The advantage of having international business ethics is that an ethical company is attractive to consumers. It also helps companies operate within most international regulations. The disadvantage of international business ethics is that in some countries, the ethical code is not as strict and it may be customary to perform unethical actions, like bribery, to do business. An ethical company would not be able to do business in that situation.
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There are no disadvantages for good business ethics and lots of advantages. If a group from another company or an individual business person is dealing with an ethical company they
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* ethical costs money. * money costs profits. * ethical can be a marketing benefit. * ethical can make money.
Let’s take a look first on the definition of Ethics, so it is otherwise known as as moral philosophy, or a branch of philosophy that has defending, systematizing, and recommending
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The Disadvantages of International Business Ethics
Maintaining business ethics is a worthy goal for all multinational corporations, but not always possible or advantageous. The reality of international business is that upholding these arbitrary obligations comes with severe disadvantages. In many ways,... More »
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