What is the definition of "interpersonal savvy"?


According to The Gladiator, "interpersonal savvy" is defined as the ability to relate well to people and understand spoken and non-spoken communication. It is an important skill for managers to master and use in the workplace.

Interpersonal savvy is not just a behavioral competency that is utilized in the workplace; it is helpful in all aspects of life. According to The Gladiator, people who have interpersonal savvy tend to be outgoing and great communicators, but they also need to have the ability to view an issue from another person's point of view. Being aware of sudden changes in the persona of another person is also a key part of interpersonal savvy.

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How a person or group interacts with another person or
interpersonal: occurring among or involving several people
An interpersonal functioning - it's actually the ability to. be aware of and understand one’s emotions, feelings, and ideas. It differs from interpersonal functioning which
Interpersonal communication is the most frequent communication method most people use at work. Al
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