How do you interpret CogAT scores?


You can interpret CogAT scores quite easily. Locate the score for the verbal reasoning part of the test, which is the percentile your child was placed in. If your child was placed in the 95th percentile then that means they did better than 95% of the children taking the test. The same will be for the nonverbal reasoning and quantitative reasoning. The last score is the composite percentile. They combine all the scores for an overall percentile.
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1. Locate the number indicating the percentile in which your child was placed for verbal reasoning. For example, if your score report says that he was placed in the 98th percentile
CogAT's measure three different content domains: verbal, quantitative and
1. Gather your ACT paperwork. The ACT test is scored between 1 and 36 points, with 36 being the perfect score. Your paperwork should show bolded scores in this range. 2. Understand
Grade equivalent score is interpreted by comparing the percentage to the actual letter grade given. In most instances a 90 percent or greater is equivalent to an A letter grade.
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How to Interpret CogAT Scores
The Cognitive Abilities Test, also known as the CogAT or CAT, is an exam administered to K-12 students to assess their abilities in three areas considered important in determining future academic success: verbal, nonverbal and quantitative reasoning.... More »
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