Interview Questions for a CEO?


Interview questions for a CEO might begin with the reason that this person wishes to work for the company that is doing the interviewing. Other questions might include providing a general idea of why this person is suited to be the CEO of this company and his or her past experience in this field. Questions might also include items like, 'What type of projects or ideas have you contributed to your past positions in order to increase company profit or growth?'
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1. Create a selection committee. It should consist of the company's founders, board of directors, external advisers and one or two important staff members, such as the chief financial
I would love to answer these questions as a founder and CEO if I were asked (i do not recall anyone ever asking me these questions though) A. Describe your first sale/customer. B.
You want to get to know the person who might be working for your company so you want to ask them why they think they should be hired for the position.
Besides pleasing the shareholders of the company, what steps would you take to ensure that the lower division group of employees are well taken care of and they are working towards
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