What are some interview questions for daycare providers?


To interview day care providers, you need to ask questions about their competency. Ask whether or not they are licensed, and when they have most recently worked with children.  It is also great to take a tour of the daycare.
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1. Contact the day care provider to schedule an interview. Try to schedule one at the day care facility for a time when children are there, so you can see the provider at work. Understand
You can ref some interview questions as follows: Tell me about yourself? What are your biggest strengths for Teacher? Why did you leave your last job? What are your career goals for
I would definitely call references. That is going to give you a better idea of her level of care better than the licensing information. I've been where you are and had a whole packet
Here is an article that should more than answer your question. Hope it helps: http://www.childcare-ppin.com/ezine/bus1….
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Interview Questions for Daycare Providers
Before entrusting your child to the care of a daycare center, learn as much as possible about the daycare center and its caregivers by conducting an extensive interview. Quality daycare centers will have obtained a state license, hired experienced... More »
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