How to Backwash an Intex Pool Pump?


Intex Pool Pumps help circulate the water in the pool, and are integral to make sure the water is clean and free of dirt and grime. Depending on the size needed for difference pools, they range in prices between $40 and $100. They are manufactured by the pool and pool product producer Intex Corp.
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1. Turn off the pool pump. Roll out the backwash hose and connect it to the outlet drain on the pump. The outlet is usually at the bottom of the pump and will say "Outlet"
First, you don't need to backwash a pump but you might need to backwash the filter - depending on what type of filter you have. All of the Intex above ground pools (that I am aware
i own a pool company and if that is the right price i would jump after that. a new pump that size will run about 400.00 dollars. so grab it quick. Source(s) spotless pools arlington
1 Skim the top of your pool first Ad 2 Make sure all items are out of your pool 3 get vacuum ready. 4 Find a ladder or chair so you can reach the top of the pool. 5 Start vacuuming
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