How to Knit a Lace Sweater?


To knit a lace sweater, select a pattern. Choose the right type of yarn. Practice knitting a hole that appears during the lace knitting process. The sweater pattern is examined. The right type of eyelet stitch is used.
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1. Learn how to make yarn overs. Yarn overs appear in all knitted lace patterns; they're the stitch that creates larger open holes throughout the fabric. To make a yarn over on the
1 Find your needles and yarn. You need thin needles and yarn. Find a knitting needle from 000-2US. Also, find a yarn. Ad 2 Find your pattern. Any lace pattern will do. Make sure that
The stitch pattern known "Feather and Fan" or "Old Shale" is a very easy lace pattern. (To the untrained eye, it looks like it should be complicated - but appearances
The arrowhead lace pattern is one of many lace patterns used in knitting, and is one that is particularly beautiful when used in shawls, scarves, and afghans. The pattern looks like
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