Inventions in 1962?


There were quite a number of historic inventions that were created in 1962. These included items like the communications satellite were the talk of the world when first unveiled to the public. Other inventions of this time included items like the electrical microphone, the jet injector, the laser diode, and the glucose meter that was created to help people with blood sugar problems to live a more normal and healthier lifestyle. Also invented in 1962 was the chimney starter that is still in use today.
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January- New York City introduces a subway train that operates without a crew on board. ? Hope that
In 1962, Steve Russell invented the first computer video game, Spacewar.
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I have been told Phillips company (who ever that is) made the tape in 1962 for audio recording but didn't make the cassette player until 1963 But i am not sure about this info Anonymous
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It was first invented in 1962 by Mr. Ermal Fraze. It was however first marketed by the Pittsburgh Brewing Company. ...
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