How to Invent a Product That Will Make Your Life Easier?


Inventing a product that will make your life easier can be very simple. Think about things in your life that take a long time to complete or are simply a hassel. Figure out a way to make that task shorter or simpler and you will make your life much easier!
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1. Decide on what type of product is desired. Think about what needs to be made easier in your life. Make a list of possible things to invent that would make those specific areas
The washer machine, toaster, vacuum cleaner, television, radio, and car all made life easier during this time.
The light bulb.
Four Sumerian inventions that made life easier
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Robert Boyle among other things invented the match. The match made our lives easier because we could create a fire whenever we needed to. ...
The mechanical cotton picker was invented to make it easier for workers to harvest the cotton and prepare it afterwards. Another name for the mechanical cotton ...
Prior to Whitney's invention, cotton went through several processes before it could be sold and shipped. First, the cotton was gleaned and harvested from the fields ...
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