Invitation Wording for Farewell Party?


Invitation wording for a farewell party can vary greatly depending on who is leaving and where this person is leaving. Often, the wording for a party that is held for a person leaving a job will be more formal than the wording for a person leaving a club or other less structured group. Invitation wording templates can be found online at places like and The wording often includes fun titles like 'bon voyage' or 'we will miss you greatly!'
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1. Gather a consensus among friends and family for the type of party you want to hold and the food you want to serve. Let potential invitees know you will send invitations with each
Examples of farewell party invitations are at this page:
Like your soon-to-be wedding celebration, an engagement party must also be carefully planned—from the engagement rings, the program, the guests, the food, the place and, of
it needs to say the following: 1) it's my 13th birthday party 2) the theme is mardi gras 3) everyone needs to come to my house at 5:30PM and then a limo is going to take us
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