Iomega prestige drive displaying as a toshiba disk drive, how do I change it as a storage drive.?


give it to the service center for replacement and dont tell them u have dropped it or els they wont replace
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Iomega Home Media Network 1TB Hard Drive 34337. Enjoy your digital life! Easily share and access photos, videos and music between your home computers with the Iomega Home Media Network
Product summary. The good: Easy to set up and use; excellent Web-based interface; compact and sleek design. The bad: Lacks advanced NAS features; hard drive is not user serviceable;
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An iomega zip drive is a removable disk storage that was initially introduced in 1994 by lomega. The zip drive had a storage capacity of 100 MB but this capacity ...
A Nas Iomega P800m is a server powered by Microsoft Windows. This server delivers up to 1.4 terabytes of storage capacity that is easy to mange, giving network ...
The use of a zip disk is that it offered large storage capabilities than a floppy disk. A zip disk is an average capacity detachable disk storage system from Iomega ...
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