What are the features of an iPhone?


There are quite a number of features that are enjoyed by the purchaser of an iPhone. Some of these features include the ability to check and create email, to access social media websites like Facebook or Twitter, and to download applications available in the Apple store. Other features include FaceTime, multitasking, Siri, parental controls, and updates that are easily scheduled or regulated through the iPhone. Full lists of features are found in the iPhone manual.
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1. Press the Home button on the bottom of the iPhone to pull up the unlock screen, then slide your index finger across the bottom of the screen at the arrow to unlock the screen.
The iPhone 4S looks basically like the iPhone 4, but the inside has been completely upgraded. It has an A5 dual-core processor, dual-core graphics, making the 4S fast and with crisp
As iPhone 5 is not released yet but its specification and features are rumored up. Read more: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/IPhone_5_specification_and_features_Details#ixzz21KsLCvmT.
1. Use speakerphone: First of all, the most used feature in a call is a speakerphone. The Speaker will allow you to receive a call without holding the phone up to your ear. You can
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The iPhone 5S
Apple announced two new iPhone models on Sept. 10th, 2013. The less expensive 5C will be $99 for 16GB or $199 for 32GB. The 5C has a plastic shell available in 5 colors and a longer battery life than the iPhone 5. The iPhone 5S will be $199, $299, or $399 for the 16GB, 32GB, or 64GB versions respectively. The 5S will have color options of silver, gold, or slate. It has an upgraded processor, camera, and battery. Also a newly added fingerprint unlocking.
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