IPhone jailbreaks, cell phone unlocking now legal - will you? Have you already?

The US federal government announced on July 26 that it is now legal for Apple iPhone owners to 'jailbreak' there telephones to run apps not provided or sanctioned by Apple. The government also ruled that it is legal for any cell phone user to unlock their phone to switch to an alternative carrier - from AT&T to T-Mobile for iPhone users, for example. Will these rulings affect how you use your mobile phone, for business or personally? Or have you already committed one or more of these now-legal - for now - acts?


Now that 'fair use' is a case strong enough to permit breaking DRM, several changes happen almost immediately. The first, of course, is jailbreaking phones where that makes sense for users. The idea is that users have a fair-use right to content that subverts the DCMA's DRM controls on that content.

The second place that this makes tremendous sense is establishing a market for used digital content-- used e-books, MP3s, and so on. To this point, there has been no analogy to the physical media-based used media market-- the used book store, record store, video store. Copyright extensions that establish that DRM can be broken now allow users to establish value to that content, and sell it online-- and they must destroy the original.

I'm not a lawyer, but I believe that the concepts of the ruling establish content as a valuable asset, and one that could be traded in ways that don't violate other licensing or copyright law constraints.

It's also the end of DRM jails until someone bribes Congress sufficiently to get them to change the law in the favor of Big Money Media People. These are my opinions, yours may vary.
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Giacomo Balli (Owner, iDevelop)
I support jailbreaking only due to the tweaks and addons you are able to install.
I understand Apple's stand point. As a big corporation dealing with many different types of users, they can't provide a jailbroken phone (with root access to apps) to everyone.
However, it is good to not persecute those who know what they're doing and are interested in doing so with their own device.
Michael Krigsman (CEO, Asuret Inc.)
I jailbroke both an iPhone and iPad, because I like the flexibility of installing third party applications that are not necessarily approved by Apple. For example, there is an app that remaps hardware buttons, such as the up/down volume control, and lets you advance or go back in the music player. Things like that are a convenience, so I prefer it.

On the other hand, dealing with the cat and mouse game that exists between Apple and the jailbreak developers is a pain for the user. It's far easier to upgrade when Apple releases a new firmware version, but if you jailbreak, that option is closed. Jailbreaking users need to wait until the jailbreak developers release their own patch. That takes time and watching the message boards to see when the new release is out.

The choice is yours: jailbreak for flexibility and accept the hassle; or remain in the pure Apple fold and deal with fewer software and configuration options.
Kais Blah (IN Operation consultant, Ericsson)
For me it's like having a car and doing the maintenance with the main vendor or tune the car for beautiful design, better fuel economy, more power and luxurious interior.
But for Apple it's different, at this level of market size of Apple's products, the jailbreak is benefit for them since people buy iphone to jailbreak it :) more revenue, bigger market, etc. they are an unpaid developers.

but of course this doesn’t mean that Apple cannot developer what the jailbreak developers are doing but it's hard to support the satiability and the security of such open software. The risk is more.

but for android for example the strategy is to start from the worldwide community to make it from the beginning, Big!

in the end when it comes to decide, I love the sophisticated gadget but I prefer the official version.
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Yes, but trust me and most people who already jailbroke their phones, DON"T DO IT! Once it starts not working right like my old one, you will regret it. I got a BB and it sucks
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