IQ of 124 Is Good?


IQ stands for 'intelligence quotient.' An IQ score of 140 or higher would mean someone is a genius. A score of 124 would fall in the range of very superior intelligence.
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People with IQs between 120 - 140 are considered to have very superior
ask someone else. not sure.
The average IQ of an adult male is 100.Only about 5% of the population has a score between 120-125!
Tickle by e-mode is a very good on line IQ test. I do admissions testing for Mensa and that is one of the tests I recommend as practice for prospects to take. 124 is very good, you
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There are a number of famous scientists that had relatively low IQ scores. They include Watson with a 124, Feynman with a 126 and Shockley with a 125. ...
A good, or normal, IQ (Intelligence Quotient) score would be between a 90 and 109. Depending on the test and scoring method used, anything above a 130 or 140 ...
A good IQ range should be in the normal IQ range of 80 to 120. An IQ level of over 120 would mean that person is highly intelligent and will grasp things easily. ...
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