IQ of 126 Good?


An IQ of 126 is just above the average score of 100. Someone that scores a 126 on an IQ test has a mental age 1.26 times their actual age.
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According to the psychological tests and measures standards as described in psych classes: Q - What do IQ tests measure? A - IQ Q - What is IQ? A - What IQ measures The significance
An IQ between 120-140 is very superior intelligence. So, a 126 IQ is really good. Thanks!
131. I keep thinking that if I keep taking it I will get different scores, but no. In elementary school, that was the cutoff for the gifted program so they had to test me twice before
There is no specific IQ for any age. At the start of the test, you should have been asked your age and this is taken into account so it will be the same for all ages. This is how
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There are a number of famous scientists that had relatively low IQ scores. They include Watson with a 124, Feynman with a 126 and Shockley with a 125. ...
A good, or normal, IQ (Intelligence Quotient) score would be between a 90 and 109. Depending on the test and scoring method used, anything above a 130 or 140 ...
The IQ, or Intelligence Quotient, Rating Scale goes from 10 to 260. An IQ score of 129 puts an individual in the highly intelligent range. In comparison, Albert ...
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