How does the IQ rating scale work?


On an IQ test, anything below 80 is considered a disability, 80-89 is a "dull normal", 90-109 is average, 110-119 is above average, 120-144 is exceptional, and any score over 145 is genius.
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IQ stand for Intelligent Quotient. There are several different scoring tables used. Most tables suggest below 70 is extremely low, and anything above 130 is very high, 90-109 is average
Below average or on the bottom side of average. Average is 100, and depending on the accuracy is off by 10 to 20 points.
There are a variety of IQ tests that are available to determine different aspects of a
1. Acquire both your overall score and percentile ranking from the IQ test. 2. Consult the Percentile Ranking chart. The percentile ranking does not indicate the percentage of questions
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The IQ, or Intelligence Quotient, Rating Scale goes from 10 to 260. An IQ score of 129 puts an individual in the highly intelligent range. In comparison, Albert ...
Albert Einstein's was regarded a prototype genius and had an IQ was score was 160. According to the Stanford-Binet scale the intelligence quotient or IQ of a normal ...
A Graphic rating scale refers to any rating scale that consists of points on a continuum and it is a label that is given to a wide category of rating formats. ...
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