How to Lighten Your Iris Color without Contacts?


To lighten your iris color without contacts, you will have to undergo eye surgery. A product known as NewColorIris is a silicon disk that is implanted in the eye. Kahn Medical Hospital in Panama city, Panama is the only lace that does the surgery. Be advised there complications have been documented with this surgery.
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Herbal Methods: Some claim that herbs affect an iris' hue. Although there is absolutely no scientific proof to substantiate such claims, there are reports that one person has had
The only way to safely change your eye color is to get contact lenses that
yes, there is. i haven't tried this myself but i plan on doing it some time. research "honey eye drops" or "how to lighten eyes with honey" do your research before
I. I don't think you can and orange eyes! that's so cool!
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There is a way to lighten the pigment of the iris but the product has not been FDA approved. The iris lightening drops have an active ingredient in it called bearberry ...
There is no way a person can lighten their iris color without contacts. Eye color is determined before birth by the genes passed down from the mother and father. ...
There is no way to lighten the iris, or colored part of the eyeball. The only way to lighten the color of your eyes is to wear opaque colored contact lenses. Science ...
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