Irish Birthday Traditions?


Some Irish birthday traditions may seem a bit hurtful to those in other parts of the world, but they are just a fun tradition to the Irish. One such tradition is holding a child upside down and bumping her or him on the floor one time for each year and then once more for luck. Another tradition is to give a 21 year old the key to a house. This is symbol of them reaching adulthood.
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Beer Singing, fellowship and a lot of beer. A known tradition is to take the child and pick them up from upside down and give them a little bump on the head. for every time for its
Some Irish traditions include celebrations of major holidays such as Christmas with the tree and lights decorations, having spring cleaning done at Easter and having the popular religious
There's nothing cast in concrete, but Irish mead is always a dependable
1. Investigate the iconography and symbols of Celtic art in Ireland. These include knots, labyrinths, spirals and crosses. Celtic knots symbolize the thread of life and the process
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