Irony in Frankenstein?


The main source of irony in 'Frankenstein' is that Victor tries to create life and his success leads to horrific murders. A more specific example is that Victor is drawn to consider killing himself for problems that started with his trying to create life. It is also ironic that the monster goes about killing Victor's loved ones despite his own desire to get closer to people and have loved ones.
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Victor gets caught up in his own world thinking that he is doing something good for the world, but we later find out just how bad this creation could be. Victor's creation destroys
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Example: The Creature introduces himself to the elderly and blind De Lacey by saying, " I am a traveler in want of a little rest. more
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Dr. Frankenstein thought he was playing God by creating a man; an Adam. He created a monster and was more like the devil unleashing a soul less demon in the world ...
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