Iroquois Religion?


The Iroquois believes in a creator called the Great Spirit. They also believed that a good and evil spirit were responsible for all things good and bad on Earth. The evil spirit was responsible for disease, bad behavior, and misfortune. The Iroquois would often dance wearing masks and performing chants in order to scare the evil spirit and its helpers away. They believed that the spirits of their dead went on to join the Good spirit and all of its helpers in the afterlife.
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The Iroquois belived in many spirits specifically the great spirit amd the evil spritit its cool.
In the Iroquois Govt, religious rites and festivals of each
Like most other tribes, the Iroquois had very general ideas regarding the supernatural. There is not 'religion' among the tribes, but rather an acknowledgment of and gratitude toward
Many Iroquois are followers of Christianity. They show great respect and reverence at the mention of Handsome Lake, the Iroquois prophet.
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The Iroquois's religion believed in various gods where the extremely vital one was Great Spirit who was responsible for the wrought of human beings, the plants ...
The Mohawk Indian religion was Iroquois mythology based on a god named Hahgwehdiyu. It also references a sky goddess and maize (a certain corn). Atahensic was ...
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