Is 25 a Good Score on the Act?


A 25 is considered to be a good score on the ACT. 20-21 is the average score a student scores on the ACT, so 25 is definitely above average. 36 is a perfect score, so there is always room for improvement.
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The ACT is a college placement exam that has scores up to 36. The average score is 20, so 25 is a good score to get on the ACT for many colleges. You can find out more information here:
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The highest ACT score that you can reach is a 36 score. You have to study as much as you can but it is very possible to reach this goal.
A 25 on the ACT is about the 50%tile. The 50%tile for SAT is 1138. Another
The ACT, or American College Test, is a series of multiple choice questions with an optional writing test. After the tests are taken, they are returned to for grading. Multiple choice
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A good score in the ACT test will depend on the kind of student that you are. This is because a perfect score is 36 but the average score in the country is just ...
Depending on the kind of university you are aiming for, a good ACT score can range from the lower 20s to a perfect score of 36. To my knowledge, the top universities ...
A good composite ACT score depends on the scores you get on each test. The scores are usually comparable and they range from one to 36. One is considered the lowest ...
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