Is 6 Inches Too Small?


Is 6 inches too small all depends on what one is referring to. For example, 6 inches is to small for a mailbox but yet six inches is just about right for the circumference of a bird's nest.
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No 6 inches is not too small. In fact, research shows that 6 inches is approximately the average size of most men. Anything bigger than that is considered more than average.
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Too small, erect, could be around 3 if you are a full grown adult. This is not the flaccid size First answer by ID1128762471. Last edit by ID1128762471. Question popularity: 1 [recommend
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Um, average for a full grown man is 5 to 7 inches. So yes, I would say that you are in the normal range. And it depends on what stage of puberty your at. Cause if your still in your
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