Is 644 a Good Credit Score?


A 644 credit score isn't too bad. You could still qualify for loans such as a car or a mortgage. To get the absolute best rates, a 720 would be much better.
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A credit score of at least 640, is a pretty good score. If you have a score of 690 or higher, a loan will have a lower rate. The larger the number, the better your credit score is.
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A 644 credit score isn't great. There are ways of improving your 644 credit score.
Any credit score that is under 600 is considered to be poor. In order to rebuild your credit you need to work on paying off all of the debts that you owe.
What is a good credit score, and why is it so important to know your score? If you know your score, you'll be able to see how you look in a lender's eyes. The credit score is a financial
Check out the "Peer2Peer" lending sites: I (nor anyone else) can guarantee you a loan but this is a good place to start
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