Is a .17 caliber air rifle the same thing as a .177 air rifle?


.17 caliber air rifle is not the same thing as a .177 air rifle. In the years that I have been shooting I have never seen or heard of an air rifle coming in a .17 caliber. They do however come in .20, .22 and even larger. Some calibers are standards sold by the manufacturers, but there are others that can be custom made by a smith.
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Several different air rifles use the .177 caliber pellet. Each different model rifle can propel the pellet a different distance depending on the power plant that the rifle uses. .177
The Hunter Extreme .177 caliber Air Rifle is the world's fastest
This is how you hunt bison: First, you'll need a few heavily armed marines. Have them assemble in a circle around the target, a few hundred yards out, and lay down suppressive fire
CF45 already linked to my article addressing this, so all that's left is for me to simply say that generally speaking neither is inherently stronger (produces significantly more kinetic
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The next caliber up from the 22 air rifle is the 25 caliber rifle. The air rifle sizes are .177, .20, .22, .25, 9 MM, 45 Caliber, and 50 Caliber. Anything over ...
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