Is a 1776 1976 Quarter Worth Anything?


A 1976 quarter is only worth 25 cents. Quarters that were made before 1964 have a silver content that makes them worth more. Anything with silver in it can be melted down and sold for the silver.
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Washington bicentennial quarters, dated 1776-1976, are common, and are only
25 cents.
A bicentennial quarter in circulated condition is worth 25 cents. In uncirculated condition, it's about a dollar.
This was a quarter minted to celebrate the nation's bicentennial. Unless it is in mint condition.which means it is in a protected sleeve and has never been touched by human
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Due to the amount of coins made in 1976, the quarter that is inscribed 1776-1976 is worth face value. This means the value of this coin is only 25 cents. ...
They are not worth very much. The least you will get from it is face value. There may be some that have a little value but not very much. ...
The value of the 1776 - 1976 quarter is only twenty-five cents. These are known as bicentennial quarters. They are only meant to mark the birth of America. ...
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