Is a 1934 twenty dollar bill worth anything?


A twenty dollar bill from 1934 will be worth its original value or more.  You can get the bill reviewed by coin and currency collectors, or by a professional appraiser.  Professional collectors and appraisers can let you know what the worth of the bill is today.
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Retail is $22 to $26 in average circulated condition.
Hi Joseph: Thanks for the question. You did not provide the serial number or the condition of the bill, so I can't say if it would have added value. A serial number with a star (
The value depends upon.the color of the seal.the grade (condition)the serial number.the series (1934, 1934 A, 1934 B, 1934 C or 1934 D) some cases, the Federal Reserve Bank
The series 1934C has
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