Is a 1935 silver certificate worth anything?


Most 1935 $1 silver certificates are not worth much more than their face value. Circulated certificates sell for about $1.50, and uncirculated ones sell for $2 to $4. However, some special varieties of this certificate are worth considerably more.
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Answer If circulated, face value to $1.25. If uncirculated, four to five dollars.
Value depends on a few things.First is it a 1935 series or is there
As with any collectible item, the condition makes a difference, but the value of a 1935 E series $1 Silver Certificate is valued near its face value.
1. Use your currency catalog to determine the condition and potential value of your silver certificate. 2. Contact a currency dealer and ask if he is buying silver certificates. If
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The value of a 1935 silver certificate dollar depends on a few things. To find out it's worth the serial number and condition will need to be evaluated by a currency dealer. You may only get face value depending on the series letter.
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