Is a 1935 silver certificate worth anything?


Most 1935 $1 silver certificates are not worth much more than their face value. Circulated certificates sell for about $1.50, and uncirculated ones sell for $2 to $4. However, some special varieties of this certificate are worth considerably more.
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Despite its apparent age, your bill's high series letter indicates it was actually printed in the 1950s. Because of that it would sell for only about $1.25 in average circulated condition
The value of a Silver Certificate would depend on several factors, such as the year, denomination, and current condition of the bill. In any case, most circulated Silver Certificates
The value of the 1935 silver certificate dollar depends on the
Hello Pat, . Is this a One Dollar denomination? . This note is not rare and are in fact plentiful in all grades. Only after the grade is determined can you use a price guide,
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The value of a 1935 silver certificate dollar depends on a few things. To find out it's worth the serial number and condition will need to be evaluated by a currency dealer. You may only get face value depending on the series letter.
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The value of a 1935 silver certificate dollar is approximately 50 dollars. Silver certificates were a kind of representative money which were included as part ...
1935 silver certificate is worth its face value. A small premium can however be awarded if it is in new condition. 1933 $10 silver certificate is the most expensive ...
Most 1935 silver certificate dollar bills are worth a small premium over face value. If it is a circulated bill they sell for $1.25 to $1.50 each. Uncirculated ...
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