Is a 1944 penny worth anything?


The 1944 penny is one of the most common wheat pennies as there were approximately 2 billion of them minted. Depending on condition they can possibly be worth as much as 20 times their face value, or .20 cents.
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How much a 1944 penny is worth depends on what type of penny it is, where it came from and what condition it is in. If you take it to a coin dealer they should be able to give you
About 3 cents.
1944 copper penny value: VF-20 $0.10 or EF-40 $0.20. No need to fear,
A 1944 wheat penny is worth between $35-75, a steel penny is worth up to $100,000. report this answer. Updated on Thursday, February 02 2012 at 01:26PM EST. Source:
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The value of a 1944 wheat penny is worth at least three times its face value. This will probably depend on the condition of the coin, that is, if the coin is worn ...
According to the Coins and Canada website, if the value of a penny in 1944 was one cent, it is not worth 3 Canadian cents, due to the value of the metal. ...
A 1954 penny might not be worth anything since it's only from the nineteenth century. It may only be worth a penny but you can always take it to a coin dealer. ...
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