Is a 1944 Penny Worth Anything?


The 1944 penny is one of the most common wheat pennies as there were approximately 2 billion of them minted. Depending on condition they can possibly be worth as much as 20 times their face value, or .20 cents.
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About 3 cents.
1944 copper penny value: VF-20 $0.10 or EF-40 $0.20. No need to fear,
A 1944 wheat penny is worth between $35-75, a steel penny is worth up to $100,000. report this answer. Updated on Thursday, February 02 2012 at 01:26PM EST. Source:
About $ 0.50
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According to the Coins and Canada website, if the value of a penny in 1944 was one cent, it is not worth 3 Canadian cents, due to the value of the metal. ...
During 1944, when the war had already ended, the government switched back to copper. A George VI 1944 penny is worths about £0.20. ...
A 1958 penny might not be worth anything except a penny. However if it's an unusual coin or if you feel it may be worth something you should take it to a coin ...
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