Is a 20-gauge shotgun more powerful and accurate than a 12-gauge shotgun?


A 20 gauge is not more powerful and more accurate than a 12 gauge. A 12 gauge is much more powerful and they have the same accuracy. My husband has a 12 gauge and it's too powerful for me, it kicks way too hard. I have a 20 gauge and it's perfect for me and my son. When we go to the range and shoot, my husband will shoot with both guns and the accuracy really is the same on both of them.
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Accuracy with a firearm is a function of many factors the biggest one is the shooter. Modern firearms are as accurate as the shooter. The advantage a 12 gauge will have over a 20
Gauge refers to the diameter of the barrel, so a 20 gauge shotgun
the gun that is more worth your money is a 12 gauge because you can go deer, turkey, pheasant and duck hunting and trap shooting without having to worry about getting to far because
Either weapon is fairly versatile. You can vary the shells you shoot to suit the circumstances and the critter you're shooting at. Both can handle a variety of rounds from light target
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