Is a Banana a Fruit or Vegetable?


Bananas are classified as fruits since they are the edible part of the plant derived from a flower. They are not classified as vegetables on the other hand since they aren't the herbaceous plant parts.
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its a fruit because of the citris in the fruit that's mainly why.
Botanically speaking, anything that bears or is a seed is considered
A fruit is a fleshy material around a seed. A banana is thus a fruit. Close relative, the plantain, contains a starchy pulp and is considered a vegetable
Bananas and plantains both belong to the Musaceae faimily, which is called "Musa" for short. There are over 50 species of Musa, and all of these have a very different appearance
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A banana is a fruit. Bananas are a good source of fiber, potassium and vitamin c. They do also have 20.4 grams of sugar, and is made up of 76 percent water.
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