Is a Bird a Mammal or a Reptile?


Birds are not mammals or reptiles. They have their own classification as a bird. Many people think they are reptiles due to a theory that dinosaurs evolved into birds millions of years ago.
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neither.its a bird.
The largest # of tetrapod vertebrates, are warm-blooded egg layers & are
Mammals are synapsids[0] a clade that branched off early (AFAIK during the carbonian) In current taxonomy, they are not considered reptiles (the latter being anapsids (i.e. turtles
Caimans are archosaurs, small species of crocodilians & forming the family Alligatoridae. They are therefore reptiles.
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A heron is a bird in the Ardeidae family. Although there are many species of heron, they all share a long, pointed bill, long legs, a long neck and a waterside ...
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