Is a Bird a Mammal or a Reptile?


Birds are not mammals or reptiles. They have their own classification as a bird. Many people think they are reptiles due to a theory that dinosaurs evolved into birds millions of years ago.
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neither.its a bird.
The largest # of tetrapod vertebrates, are warm-blooded egg layers & are
Mammals are synapsids[0] a clade that branched off early (AFAIK during the carbonian) In current taxonomy, they are not considered reptiles (the latter being anapsids (i.e. turtles
Both birds and reptiles reproduce by laying eggs, for the most part. Many species of reptiles and birds also feature ridges in their mouths or beaks instead of teeth.
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Birds are neither mammals (they don't have mammary glands) nor reptiles (they are not cold blooded), but instead belong in a grouping all their own. The bird group ...
Birds are considered reptiles under the phylogenetic classification system. This method of categorizing organisms was developed in the 1940s and is based on common ...
A snail is neither a mammal or a reptile. The snail is considered a member of the class Gastrapoda, making it a gastrapod. Snails can also be classified as mollusks ...
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