Is a Blue Diamond More Expensive Than a White Diamond?


Blue diamonds is much more expensive than white diamonds. It is very rare and the most expensive precious jewel of its kind ever sold. The gem is 6.04 carats and sparks with an unusual blue hue. It was bought at a Sotheby’s auction in Hong Kong in 2007. The combination of the rare blue colour and the large carat weight for a blue diamond make this an exceptional stone among world-class diamonds. Because it is among the top seven most expensive jewelleries in the world.
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All else being equal: carat weight, cut, and clarity, a blue diamond will always be more expensive than a white diamond.
Colored diamonds are often more expensive than clear
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This is a question of supply and demand. The reason why diamonds are more expensive than water (generally speaking) is because there is a lot more water around than diamonds. If you
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