Is a Cavity Filling Painful?


Cavity filling can be painful but the dentist will usually numb a patients mouth so the person won't feel the pain. The medicine used for that is called Novocaine. Once the medicine wears off you might feel some pain for a day or so but some over the counter pain killers usually help.
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it will not last long it will last atleast 2 and a half hours long.
The cost of having a cavity filled will very, it will depend on the dentist you use, the location of where the dentist is located and if you have insurance that covers any of the
1 Visit your dentist. He'll check to see if you have any cavities needing attention. Cavities are formed when acid eats away the enamel covering your teeth and enters the dentin beneath
1. Get ready for a bit of pain. Ask friends who have had their cavities filled on how bad it hurt. Remember that pain amounts are different for everyone! An average of most people
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Pain caused after getting a cavity filled may be as a result of an allergic reaction to the material used to fill the tooth decay. When this is the case, then ...
Generally after getting a cavity filled or having a filling replaced the pain will last for 1 to 3 days. Taking an over the counter pain reliever and using a toothpaste ...
it will not last long it will last atleast 2 and a half hours long. ...
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