Is a Door Hinge a Simple Machine?


A hinge is a simple machine because it has the simplest mechanism necessary for changing the direction of force using a mechanical advantage. There are six types of simple machines: the pulley, the wheel and axle, the wedge, the screw, the inclined plane and the lever. A door hinge is a simple lever and is, therefore, an example of a simple machine.
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A door hinge is a second class lever.
There are six types of simple machines: Inclined plane, Wedge ,Screw,
Peel back the door seal on the hinge side. You can then get your hand behind the bracket to stop it falling. Once the hinge is secured you can simply replace the seal. One of the most easily damaged parts of a washing machine is the door hinge. In this video Rory shows us how to replace the hinge on a Hotpoint
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An example of a lever is a simple door handle or a wheelbarrow. A lever is a simple machine used to lift weights with other examples like a seesaw, a can opener, ...
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