Is a Elevated Ridge of Cerebral Tissue?


Gyrus is an elevated ridge of cerebral tissue. The plural form for Gyrus is gyri. It is surrounded by a furrows or sulci. The Gyrus is involved in many brain functions such as control of voluntary muscles like emotional response.
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it is called a gyrus, or, plural, gryri.
A Gyrus (pl Gyri) is any of the prominent, rounded, elevated
A gyrus (gyri pl) is a rounded ridge, as on the surfaces of the cerebral hemispheres. A sulcus is a groove in the surface between gyri. Keep picking our brains!
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Ridges of tissue on the surface of the cerebral hemispheres are called gyri. There are several locations of gyri. Some of them include the middle frontal gyrus ...
A gyrus refers to a ridge on the cerebral cortex. It is normally surrounded by one or else more sulci. The cerebral cortex refers to a sheet of neural tissue, ...
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