Is a Freon Leak Dangerous?


Freon is non-toxic to humans, but it is dangerous if you inhale it in a leak. The reason it is dangerous is that it is heavier than oxygen and can suffocate a person if enough of it is inhaled.
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When Freon was originally created, its environmental consequences weren't known. When Freon particles are released into the atmosphere, they destroy ozone. Ozone is important because
If you have the car running and freon 12 gets in the air cleaner mixes with r12 you have fosgene gas the same stuff used in world war 1 its a nerve gas be carful.
Not Medical Advice:Freon isn't poisonous. Breathing it'll not hurt you unless there's enough to displace the oxygen in the room. report this answer. Updated on Wednesday, February
not harmful unless your inhaleing it directly from the fridge .its more harmful to the atmosphere then you. Source(s) husband is a appliance tech.
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If you want to know if a freon leak is dangerous, the answer is yes. Although freon is odorless and non flammable, a leak can cause anyone that inhales it directly dangerous. It's heavier than air and it can settle into your lungs, causing suffocation.
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