Is a men's shoe size 6 the same as a women's shoe size 8?


In Canada and the United States, a men's size 6 shoe is equivalent to a women's size 7.5. Conversely, a women's size 8 shoe is equivalent to a men's 6.5. Other countries use different shoe sizing.

The United States, United Kingdom, Australia and Europe use a number scale to size shoes, but other countries use centimeters for sizing shoes.

These are the conversions for an American men's size 6 shoe:

  • United Kingdom and Australia: men's 5.5
  • Europe: men's 38.5
  • Centimeters: men's 24

These are the conversions for an American women's size 8 shoe:

  • United Kingdom: women's 5.5
  • Australia: women's 6.5
  • Europe: women's 39
  • Centimeters: women's 25
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