Is a Multichannel Strategy More Important Than Resolving a Customer's Issue?

The creation of a multichannel customer service experience seems to be the goal of many companies these days. But I am wondering in the noble pursuit of this goal, whether sometimes companies forget about simply answering a customer's question or resolving a complaint with a smile.


Gerry Brown
Where are those companies that are actively pursuing a multi-channel customer experience?

If there were businesses actually doing it, rather than just paying lip service to customer experience, then they would find that they by having a consistent approach and a total view of a customer, their people would be able to answer a customer question or resolve a complaint with a smile on their face and a song in their heart, without struggling with multiple,non integrated databases, dumb internal processes, outdated technology and Dickensian, management centric measurements!
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Rosanne Dausilio PhD (President, Human Technologies Global Inc)
To my thinking, nothing is more important than resolving a customer's issue having little to do with channels. Of course, we need them to be available so the customer has their choice of contact, but what's important is unified, consistent, service on any channel. What is reality seems to be more silos being created that force customers to use the most expensive channel--the phone--to ultimately get their issues resolved.
Nick poulos (Problem Solver, chrysalis marketing)
@Gerry n @ Rosanne: amen! Successful resolution would seem to be the first order for any business.
Richard Feldman
@Gerry: Don't hold back. Tell us how you really feel :O)

May I answer this question with a question? Why are you asking this question? Why do you have to choose between a multi-channel strategy and resolving a customer issue? What does one have to do with the other? The customer issue is a CS issue and the strategy is a marketing/sales issue. Is there something I am not seeing here?
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