Is a Red Seal Two Dollar Bill Worth Anything?


Red-seal two dollar bills were in circulation between 1928-1966. There is not a lot of value in this particular money. In fact, they range in value from $2 up to $5.
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$6-20 in auction. You may be able to find a direct buyer though. Rosejp12. xoxoxo.
Red Seal 2 dollar bill is worth $10.51 at this time.
Here's a link showing two for sale for $36.95. That is for two so around $18. Probably less.
A two dollar bill from 1953 with a red stamp is actually referred to as a legal tender note by currency collectors. A 1953 $2 legal tender note is worth $3-6 depending on its condition
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A 1928 red seal two dollar bill is worth anywhere from $20 to around $150. The two dollar bills that were created with stars in the serial number are worth more.The ...
Depending on whether or not the bill had been circulated, 1953 b series red seal 5 dollar bills can be worth eight to thirty-two dollars. They have really become ...
Interesting question! The value of your bill greatly depends on the condition it is in. Your five dollar bill can be worth anything between $5 and $30. ...
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