Is a Step Parent Considered a Legal Guardian?


Step parents are not necessarily legal guardians. If the step parent has formally adopted or been designated as a legal guardian to the child, then he or she is a legal guardian. No matter how involved in the child's life the step parent may be, he or she generally does not have rights to make decisions (medical, etc.) for them.
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A stepparent is not considered a legal guardian. In some cases they should be and can be granted legal guardianship by the courts, but they are not automatically a legal anything.
They are not considered a legal guardian, but there are steps that a bio-parent can take to make sure that their spouse has the right to sign for things like medical treatment when
Guardians must be 18, they are legally responsible
A guaruian is someone named by the court as a result as a petition. The person must be determined to be a responsible adult. An "adult" must be over 18, but obviously not
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