Is a Sunflower Seed a Dicot or Monocot?


A dicot is a seed that has two parts. A sunflower seed is classified as a dicot instead of a monocot because it has two parts to the seed and not just one.
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Both seeds contain embryo inside but in dicot the embryo has two cotyledones and scanty endosperm but in monocot there is only one cotyledon (scutellum) and large amount of endosperm
1. Cut a monocot and a dicot in half with the knife. The corn is a monocot and the bean is a dicot. The bean has two distinct halves, with a forming leaf or cotyledon in each side
A monocot is a Monocotyledon, so-called because it has a single cotyledon (or, seed-leaf) in the embryo inside the seed. A dicot is a Dicotyledon, so-called because it has a two cotyledons
The difference between monocotyledons and dicotyledons are
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A Sunflower seed is a dicot. It is not a monocot. There are other examples of dicot seeds. These examples include cacti, blueberries, roses, and oaks.
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