Is a Turtle a Mammal?


A turtle mammal is not a reptile, it is classified into Testudines reptiles. Their bodies are shielded by a unique bony or cartilaginous shell developed from their ribs to protect them from external factors such as predators
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Its a dinosaur Answer: The origin of turtles is still pretty much a mystery. The earliest turtles were aroud some 200 million years ago. Two theories are presented: Turtles are members
The most common ancestor of mammals and turtles is a dinosaur.
The early chordates. On second thought both fish, and reptiles are upstream from chorates and downstream from both mammals and turtles. Best answer
Whales & penguins hold their breath for a long time underwater. Some whales hold their breath for 2 hours. Turtles are reptiles and breathe by surfacing.
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