Is a Turtle a Mammal?


A turtle mammal is not a reptile, it is classified into Testudines reptiles. Their bodies are shielded by a unique bony or cartilaginous shell developed from their ribs to protect them from external factors such as predators
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Its a dinosaur. Answer: The origin of turtles is still pretty much a mystery. The earliest turtles were aroud some 200 million years ago. Two theories are presented: Turtles are members
The early chordates. On second thought both fish, and reptiles are upstream from chorates and downstream from both mammals and turtles. Best answer
Whales & penguins hold their breath for a long time underwater. Some whales hold their breath for 2 hours. Turtles are reptiles and breathe by surfacing.
turtle. does it make sense to say that turtles aren't mammals on my science test. This answer was supplied by one of our users —. View details. Posted at 4:24 on March 27, 2012
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