Is Acetone Polar or Nonpolar?


Acetone possesses characteristics that are both polar and nonpolar . The molecular material of Acetone will mix with water, which has polar molecules. It will also mix with nonpolar carbontetrachloride molecules.
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Acetone is CH3(CO)CH3 which contains a carbonyl group (C=O) this is what imparts the polarity onto the acetone molecule. The oxygen bears a slight negative charge and the carbon of
1. Draw your molecule three-dimensionally. Observing a molecular model may help with this step. 2. Label each atom with corresponding electronegativity values. Remember, electronegativity
Those compounds which has partial positive and partial negative ends due to electronegative difference and there dnet dipole moment is not zero.for example: HCl,water. Those compounds
Acetone is produced as a coproduct with phenol through cumene peroxidation. It is
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