Is Achondroplasia Dominant or Recessive?


Achondroplasia is actually dominant and not recessive. It is a condition that causes dwarfism and there is no current cure for it. However, most people with anchondroplasia live happy and healthy lives.
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When speaking of dominant and recessive traits, it is simply a way of saying that one characteristic more than likely will be dominant over another one. For example, dark hair is
1. Note which one trumps the other. Dominant genes are called "dominant" because they are superior to the recessive genes. This means if one of your parents with a dominant
For example the human eye colour: Brown eye colour is dominant and blue eye colour is recessive. Call the allele for brown eye colour (B) and the allele for blue eye colour (b). The
A recessive gene is a gene that is hidden by another genetic trait. A dominant gene is one that is expressed
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